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"You've Still Got It"
Includes 13 Original Songs! 
"Steady Work"
Includes 14 Original Songs!
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CD: "Steady Work"

CD: "You've Still Got It"

1 Steady Work:

1. There's No Future Living
In the Past:

2. Half an Inch of Snow:

2. All Is Right With th World:

3. The Beauty of America:

3. A Common Prayer (The Lottery Song):

4. You've Still Got It:

4. Extraordinary Grace:

5. Fall In Love Again:

5. Galax State of Mind:

6. Clap Your hands:

6.The Girl of My Dreams:

7. On My Way:

7. Press On:

8. Things Are Looking Up:

8. Gone Very Long:

9. Never Too Old:

9. Rebel Ghost:

10. Shenandoah Home:

10. Love Is A Treasure:

11. Be Not Afraid:

11. Mallard Lake:

12. Love Lives Forever:

12. The Little Flower:

13. Long Way to Go:

13. Who Has Known:

14. Oh What A Time: