Damian Muller
 Damian Muller - CD and Performance Reviews
Performance Reviews:

"Thank you for your lovely entertainment.  I would like to request your music again!" - Roslyn Oliveri, St. Mary's Woods Activities Director

"Damian put on a dynamite show.  People were smiling the whole time.  I can't recommend this enough because it was one of the best things we have ever had at Immanuel."  ​- Jimmy Hicks, Music in the Old Church Concert Series at Immanuel Episcopal

"The world should be filled with your music.  Thank you for gifting us with it.  What a delightful program.  We smiled the whole time."  - Kathy Hughes, Tappahannock Presbyterian Church

"Thanks to Damian and Paul Muller for an evening that will never leave me.  The poet and his big brother...set to music!  It was a true blessing." - Rev. Mark Holland, St. Stephen's Baptist Church

"Damian is a brilliant lyricist. You will want to listen to the words and stories of each song."   - Fr. Dan Brady, St. Michael Church, Glen Allen, VA

"I am now addicted to your music and have a hard time driving my truck without it playing." - Fr. Dave Stanfill

"You provided great entertainment.  I heard so many great compliments about your performance.  You will definitely be asked to come back."  - Tommy Christian, Mount Vernon Baptist Primetimers

CD Reviews:

"I love your voice and songs. Great album! Great stuff! I loved it the moment I listened to the first track".  The song "You've Still Got It" was selected as one of the show's 2018 Picks of the Year!! - Tony Corner (Corner Blues, Rock Radio UK, Portsmouth, England)

It's a terrific CD.  I will be featuring a lot of songs from it on Back to the Blue Ridge.” - Kinney Rorrer (WVTF - Roanoke, VA)

"Half An Inch Of Snow" is my latest musical obsession.  So true!!"  - Roger Reynolds (WHAN, Ashland, VA)

"Damian has a way with words.  He can weave a story in 3 verses, with humor, feeling and sensitivity.  His melodies feel familiar yet they're new and fresh.  He's going to go a long way as a songwriter." - Mike Kear (Music from Foggy Hollow, Sydney, Australia & WAMU Bluegrass Country in Washington, DC)
“Great album.  Great artist.  Radio Satellite2 is playing You’ve Still Got It daily.”  - Pierre Khabout (Radio Satellite2, Paris, France)

“The songwriting is exceptional.” – Kerry Hay (Hay Holler Records)

“One of the most refreshing recordings I have heard in a long time.”
- Jack Hinshelwood (Abingdon, VA)

“This CD is a fine "Must Have" addition to any good music collection.  The writing and performance are exceptional. We have marked most of the CD for rotation on The Bluegrass Connection.”  
– Chris Fullerton (WBAA - West Lafayette, IN)

"It was my pleasure to feature your wonderful work."  
- Dave Helman (WTCC - Springfield, MA)

"Great songs.  I am sure our listeners on God's Country will love this stuff!  I will also play it on my shows, The Bluegrass Wrap and Drive Time, on BluegrassMix.com"  - Carl Towns (Wilderness Radio)

"It's a fine CD" - Jim Roher (WOMR, Provincetown, MA)

"I am enjoying your music." - Katy Daley (WAMU Bluegrass Country, Washington, DC)

"I really enjoy the album, and I'm playing it on my show." - Mike Russell (KKUP, Cupertino, CA)

"It’s a top-notch effort. There's definitely something here for everybody." - Tim Timberlake (DJ, Richmond, VA)

"I am playing several cuts from your CD on my show, The Bluegrass Connection" - Millard Edwards (WAXM, Big Stone Gap, VA)