Damian Muller
 Damian Muller - CD and Performance Reviews
Performance Reviews:

"The world should be filled with your music.  Thank you for gifting us with it.  What a delightful program.  We smiled the whole time."  - Kathy Hughes, Tappahannock Presbyterian Church

"Damian put on a dynamite show.  People were smiling the whole time.  I can't recommend this enough because it was one of the best things we have ever had at Immanuel."  ​- Jimmy Hicks, Music in the Old Church Concert Series at Immanuel Episcopal

"Thanks to Damian and Paul Muller for an evening that will never leave me.  The poet and his big brother...set to music!  It was a true blessing." - Rev. Mark Holland, St. Stephen's Baptist Church

"Damian is a brilliant lyricist. You will want to listen to the words and stories of each song."   - Fr. Dan Brady, St. Michael Church, Glen Allen, VA

"I am now addicted to your music and have a hard time driving my truck without it playing." - Fr. Dave Stanfill

"You provided great entertainment.  I heard so many great compliments about your performance.  You will definitely be asked to come back."  - Tommy Christian, Mount Vernon Baptist Primetimers

"Our residents thoroughly enjoyed your performance. We look forward to having you back on a regular basis."
       - Jordan Gregory, Interim Director of Life Enrichment, Our Lady of Hope Health Center.

"Thank you for your lovely entertainment.  I would like to request your music again!" - Roslyn Oliveri, St. Mary's Woods Activities Director

CD Reviews:

"You’ve Still Got It proves to be something of a bluegrass bonanza, not only due to its adroit delivery, but also because it provides a message well worth heeding, especially in these times of disappointment and disconnect. There’s something to be said of faith, even in the face of futility, and for that reason alone, Muller might very well make believers of us all."  - Bluegrass Today

"Suffice it to say that if some of these songs don’t tempt a tear or two, then you’d be well advised to check your pulse and ensure your heart’s still beating." - Bluegrass Today

"Damian Muller has released a nice project of original material which should provide a source for artists looking for new songs"  - Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine 

"I love your voice and songs. Great album! Great stuff! I loved it the moment I listened to the first track".  The song "You've Still Got It" was selected as one of the show's 2018 Picks of the Year!! - Tony Corner (Corner Blues, Rock Radio UK, Portsmouth, England)

It's a terrific CD.  I will be featuring a lot of songs from it on Back to the Blue Ridge.” - Kinney Rorrer (WVTF - Roanoke, VA)

"Half An Inch Of Snow" is my latest musical obsession.  So true!!"  - Roger Reynolds (WHAN, Ashland, VA)

"Damian has a way with words.  He can weave a story in 3 verses, with humor, feeling and sensitivity.  His melodies feel familiar yet they're new and fresh.  He's going to go a long way as a songwriter." - Mike Kear (Music from Foggy Hollow, Sydney, Australia & WAMU Bluegrass Country in Washington, DC)
“Great album.  Great artist.  Radio Satellite2 is playing You’ve Still Got It daily.”  - Pierre Khabout (Radio Satellite2, Paris, France)

“The songwriting is exceptional.” – Kerry Hay (Hay Holler Records)

“One of the most refreshing recordings I have heard in a long time.”
- Jack Hinshelwood (Abingdon, VA)

“This CD is a fine "Must Have" addition to any good music collection.  The writing and performance are exceptional. We have marked most of the CD for rotation on The Bluegrass Connection.”  
– Chris Fullerton (WBAA - West Lafayette, IN)

"It was my pleasure to feature your wonderful work."  
- Dave Helman (WTCC - Springfield, MA)

"Great songs.  I am sure our listeners on God's Country will love this stuff!  I will also play it on my shows, The Bluegrass Wrap and Drive Time, on BluegrassMix.com"  - Carl Towns (Wilderness Radio)

"It's a fine CD" - Jim Roher (WOMR, Provincetown, MA)

"I am enjoying your music." - Katy Daley (WAMU Bluegrass Country, Washington, DC)

"I really enjoy the album, and I'm playing it on my show." - Mike Russell (KKUP, Cupertino, CA)

"It’s a top-notch effort. There's definitely something here for everybody." - Tim Timberlake (DJ, Richmond, VA)

"I am playing several cuts from your CD on my show, The Bluegrass Connection" - Millard Edwards (WAXM, Big Stone Gap, VA)